Monday 3rd September 2018

Slippery Jacks and assorted boletes Slippery Jacks and assorted boletes

Autumn has come to Mid-Wales and suddenly the woods are full of fungi. This year two of my most productive woods have been clear-felled but yesterday another spot yielded a great flush of Slippery Jacks and other assorted boletes, plus a few chanterelles. The best find (not photographed unfortunately) was a mass of Hen of the Woods. I wasn't 100% sure, but I am now - and they taste great. Luckily there are lots more, and they are quite young, so I'll be back. Five trays in the dehydrator and a pan-full for breakfast!
Another success is dried shrimps. I took Dewi down to the shore on a poor tide, hoping for shrimps. Not sure whether it was the small tide or the lateness of the season but the grey shrimps were not around. There were plenty of prawns though, and I put a tray of the smallest of them in the dehydrator. Instant umami!

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