Paul's Diary

  • Saturday 28th May 2011

    Busy with books all day, I have been sneaking out for an hour most evenings. Consequently we are subsisting on an invalid's diet of trout, half-grown rabbits and salad from the garden.
    The drought has broken and I'm starting to hear of the odd sea-trout in the river. During a couple of dusk excursions all I've caught have been smolts, sometimes one every cast.
    A more productive dusk was spent at Gwyddior last Sunday. Despite a cold rough day (no trout, just perch, in Coch-hwyad) we picked up a few in Gwyddior, including another margin tadpoler. Then, in the dusk, there was a good rise to big sedges in the mare's tail beds. In another week's time the growth would have made it impossible, but we were just about able to cast our big muddlers among the stems, provoking slashing rises and lots of excitement. Here is Duncan's photo of one of Luke's trout.Sedge-time trout

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