Wednesday 29th August 2018 - Family news

Today Bethan and Dewi arrived from France - to live once more in Machynlleth. Well, it will be a first for Dewi, who has lived all his life in France. He starts at the Machynlleth high school in a few days. We celebrated with a meal entirely from the garden, except for the mackerel I caught this morning and mushrooms picked just before dinner.
We had a wrecking trip planned for today, but a dodgy forecast relegated it to an inshore trip. Then, once we had crossed the bar it became apparent that it would be much too rough to anchor, so we had a couple of bumpy drifts for mackerel before calling it a day.
We've had lovely water on the river, but it is behaving oddly. I've had two or three short sessions, losing another salmon, but seeing no sea-trout at all. I've seen and heard of several more salmon caught, but the sea-trout run has dried up - at a time when they would usually be prolific.

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