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  • Angling Monographs selling well

    Our new series of Angling Monographs are selling well. For anyone thinking about purchasing one of the quarter-leather editions of The Lost Salmon Flies of Balmoral by Colin Innes we would recommend doing so sooner rather than later - only two copies remain!

    UPDATE 26/02/2016 - The de luxe edition of The Lost Salmon Flies of Balmoral has now sold out. Paperback copies still available.

    Click here to see the full series.

  • New books and lots of bargains

    New titles
    and lots of new bargains from Coch-y-Bonddu Books
    Paul has been beavering away, sourcing new and
    interesting titles for our winter catalogue, and we thought we'd give
    you a taste of them beforehand. The catalogue should be mailed early in
    November so if any of you don't receive a copy, give us a reminder.

    We still have a few angling shows to attend. If there is anything you
    would like us to bring along please let us know in plenty of time. They
    are the Grayling Society Conference in Derby, the Irish Fly Fair in
    Galway, and the iFish Fly Fair in Sussex. More details available on the
    website Show Schedule.

    Piking in
    the Fens

    The Fenland Thirties

    A history of Fenland pike

    Volume two

    By Denis MoulesA completely new and updated
    edition of Denis Moule's compilation of more than 71 pike over the magic
    weight of 30lbs caught from the Norfolk and Cambridgeshire Fens. Only
    500 copies of this edition have been printed, around 300 of which had
    sold within the first six weeks of publication. This one won't be around
    for long!

    Mint new paperback. £20.00

    Fenland Pike

    By Denis Moules and Mark BarrettThe perfect
    companion to the book above. Fenland Pike has been widely reviewed as
    one of the best pike fishing books to be published in recent times. We
    have a relatively small number left, and the authors have long sold
    out, but in an effort to clear a bit of space in the warehouse we can
    temporarily offer it at half price! Copies are already selling quickly
    and this will be a temporary reduction only.

    Mint hardback in dust-wrapper. Was £30.00. Now
    only £14.95!

    We also have several hundred other pike fishing
    books on our website including scarce out-of-print books, all of the
    latest titles and many great bargains.

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    to see them all.
    Four bargain
    carp fishing books
    Superb new carp fishing bargains from
    Harry Haskell, Paul Cook, Clive Williams and Julian Cundiff - all
    considerably less than half price! We have several hundred other carp
    fishing books on our website.

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    to see them all.

    Was £30.00

    Now only £9.95!

    Was £30.00

    Now only £12.95!

    Was £12.00

    Now only £4.95!

    Was £19.95

    Now only £2.95!

    specimen and other coarse angling

    Fallon's Angler

    A medley of piscatorial prose

    Edited by Garrett FallonFallon’s Angler
    celebrates the telling of the angling story through original, long-form
    writing with a strong, narrative feel, and avoids the incessant barrage
    of tackle and tactics. Featuring articles from Chris Yates, Tom Fort,
    Niall Fallon, Dominic Garnett, Theo Pike, Jon Day, Kevin Parr, Peter
    Scott, Nick Fallowfield-Cooper, Rob Forth & Garrett Fallon. Intended to
    appear as a quarterly journal. This is issue one.

    Mint new paperback. £7.95

    Was £30.00

    Now only £9.95!

    Was £20.00

    Now only £9.95!

    Was £24.95

    Now only £12.95

    Was £14.99

    Now only £5.95!

    A Fish for All Seasons

    By Martin BowlerJoin Martin as he takes you through not only his
    personal voyage but also an emotional tour of the British waterways and
    the wonderful fish that inhabit them. From carp, conger eels and
    specimen rudd to salmon, few anglers have experienced so much.

    Mint hardback in dust-wrapper. Was £29.99. Now only £12.95!

    We now have well over two hundred reduced price
    flyfishing books on our website. The selection below are a few of the
    latest but

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    to see them all.

    Irish Rise

    Reflections by lough and stream

    By Dennis Moss

    A good, current account of Irish
    trout fishing, by an author who knows what he's talking about. Wild
    fishing with a fly rod, with something of the author's own career as a
    fly fisherman. Includes topical observations about conservation of wild
    stock, the effects of angler pressure, and favourite flies. Lots about
    big brown trout on the limestone loughs of the west of Ireland. A great
    book now available at an excellent price.

    Mint hardback in dust-wrapper. Was
    £25.00. Now only £9.95!

    Was £19.95

    Now only £7.95!

    Was £25.00

    Now only £5.95!

    Was £30.00

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    Was £35.00

    Now only £9.95!

    And finally
    a few sporting and natural history bargains

    Fallow Deer

    Their history, distribution and biology

    By Donald and Norma ChapmanRegarded by many
    as the definitive work on fallow deer, this 1997 reprint was produced in
    response to continuing demand for the book and is now available at a
    very good price.

    Mint hardback in dust-wrapper. Was £19.95. Now
    only £9.95!

    Was £45.00

    Now only £20.00!

    Was £25.00

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    Was £30.00

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    No DVD

    Was £35.00

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    No DVD

    Was £45.00

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    Was £29.95

    Now only £12.95!

  • Salmon Flies: Past and Present - Reviews

    Salmon Flies: Past and Present by Henk van BorkSalmon Flies:
    Past and Present
    By Henk van Bork

    Fine new paperback. £19.95
    De luxe leather-bound edition limited to 10 copies only with fly tied by the author. £SOLD OUT

    "Great book on salmon flies for beginning salmon fly tyers as will as advanced tyers . Super photos quality tyed salmon flies. Good step instruction . I be tying salmon flies for many years this is one of the best books I purchased in years." (Timothy Johnson, Amazon US review).

    "This is an English translation of a Dutch original, and as far as I can see/read, nothing has been lost in translation. Thanks to translator, Jan Willem Wijers, and editor, Keith Harwood, the book reads well. I found myself flicking through this, stopping whenever a fly or page of tying diagrams caught my eye: excellent design and graphics, high quality photography, well printed on decent, coated paper.

    Salmon Flies is a survey, a sampling of salmon flies from the early days up to reasonably modern. After a very potted sketch of fly-fishing history, the author gets stuck into the flies, and looks at four Blacker patterns, each fly is dressed and photographed to a high standard and the fly-portrait is followed by tying instructions and explanation. All the main featured flies are treated the same way.

    The next chapter, ‘The colourful era’, briefly introduces Traherne and Kelson, then ties eight flies in date order from 1840 to 1895. I liked that sense of tying through half a century of flies. With the flies tied the following chapter is devoted to framing, which seems to say quite a lot about this project. Classic salmon flies were tied for fishing. We now tie them mainly for display so framing is an essential part of the process.

    The remaining chapters continue into the 20th century, introducing hair-winged flies, Dee and Spey flies, Shrimps & Prawns. The final chapter is ‘Contemporary Salmon Fly Dressing’, which had me expecting contemporary fishing flies, but is really a sampling of modern creative flies tied in the style of classic flies – some beautiful tying!

    The author (and editor) have chosen and assembled a teasing introduction to classic feather-winged salmon flies. To my mind the hair-wing chapter could be taken out of this and used as the base for a similar survey/introduction to modern salmon fishing flies, the feather-winged flies are about enough for me. A little gem of a book!" (Magnus Angus, Fly Fishing & Fly Tying magazine).

    Salmon Flies: Past and Present - De luxe edition

  • Salmon Flies: Past and present - de luxe edition

    Salmon Flies: Past and Present - de luxe editionSalmon Flies: Past and Present
    by Henk van Bork

    Flyfisher's Classic Library de luxe edition
    Limited to only 13 copies, only 10 of which are being offered for sale.

    Hand-bound by Phil Parkins, at Ludlow Bookbinders, these books incorporate all that is best  in traditional English Craft Bookbinding. Signed and numbered by the author. Presented in a solander box, this book is bound in  finest scarlet-coloured goatskin leather with three raised bands on the spine, gold foil blocked on spine and front, with a blind frame on front and back cover, with an inset image of the Spirit Fly.

    Incorporated within the solander box is a beautifully executed cloth-bound presentation folder which holds an original salmon fly tied by the author. The folder and solander box are made from complementary scarlet cloth and the box is lined with watermarked silk.

    Destined to become one of the scarcest and most collectable of salmon fly books.

    A couple of comments on the book:

    "I received the book this morning, and the first 5 minutes I was out of this world, wooouuuw what a nice job you have done. Absolutely wonderful..."

    "What a wonderful surprise! Thank you so much... Your bookbinder from Ludlow has done a superb job and the book will take pride of place in my angling library."

    Only a few copies remain - first come, first served! Price £495.00

    UPDATE - Only one copy left! Please contact us soon if you would like to reserve the final copy of this beautiful de luxe book.

    Salmon Flies: Past and Present - de luxe editionSalmon Flies: Past and Present - de luxe edition

    Salmon Flies: Past and Present - de luxe edition

  • Tuesday 8th April 2014 - yet another container!

    I couldn't stop myself - the space outside my warehouse was perfect for yet another forty-foot shipping container. A quick flash of the credit-card and three days later, there it was, along with eighty feet of six-foot-high racking. All that empty shelf-space!
    Straight away I saw the benefit. In 2005 I was browsing a Californian auction site on the Internet. The auction was actually taking place and I realised that I could bid, live, on-line. All lots were well illustrated so I sat up half the night and bought half the lots in the sale. Forty big boxes of books arrived a few weeks later and were consigned, unopened, to a dark corner because no-one had time to catalogue them, and in any case, where were we going to put them? Today I started opening them - it was just like Christmas!

    Too early for mountain brownies, but not for stockie rainbows, so Tonto and I headed for the hills a couple of days ago and bashed a few nice silver two-pounders. Just like the old days! It will probably be my only rainbow fishing trip of the season - it will soon be warm enough to stir the real trouts.

    Checked out our secret trout pond on 1st April. We thought there were fish rising everywhere, but it turned out to be lots of toads having a ball.

    2014-04-01 13.46.32

  • The Essential Kelson - Reviews

    The Essential Kelson:
    A Fly-Tyer's Compendium
    Compiled and edited by Terry Griffiths

    Hardback in dust-wrapper. £35.00
    Limited signed and numbered FFCL edition in slipcase. £125.00
    De luxe leather-bound edition with fully dressed salmon fly tied by Marvin Nolte. £575.00

    "This wonderful book should be in the collection or in the list of future purchase for every serious & dedicated Atlantic Salmon Fly "Dresser". It compiles all the chapters for flies and dressing from Mr. Kelson's three books: "The Salmon Fly", "Tips", and "Land & Water". It doesn't contain whole books & chapters (again, flies and dressing techniques, etc) so if you look for entire books, you have to look for other publications.

    The most significant feature of this book is flies are perfectly and beautifully reproduced, following Mr. Kelson's instructions and intention, by the contemporary Master "fly-dresser" Marvin Nolte. As far as I know (books, magazine or online articles), no other publications contain Master Nolte's fly-dressings than this one. He also writes all the annotations regarding technical aspects in modern interpretations.

    Over all, this is a superb reference book in terms of history, fly patterns, techniques, and all." (S. Yamamoto, Amazon US review, 26th of May 2014).

    "The illustrations alone makes the book an absolute gem, but if you're a salmon fly tyer (or a fly tyer at all for that matter), you will slowly come to appreciate the text too. Once you have run through the images a couple of times, ooh'ing and aah'ing over the splendor of these flies and the quality of the pictures, you will start reading, and realize that the text is at least as valuable as the pictures.
    Terry Griffiths has done a very good job of compiling the best of Kelson's writings on fly tying, and brought it into a contemporary context with the help of editing and illustrations. Mind you, the original text is left as Kelson wrote it, but each section has been carefully selected from the different sources and annotated by Marvin Nolte with comments on tools, materials and methods as well as small remarks of why Kelson did as he did and why that in general was so brilliant.
    This book is of course aimed at classical salmon fly tyers first, who will feast on both text, images and original pattern descriptions. Most will very likely have Kelson's writings in some form already, but the added value of the illustrations and the editing makes this book a must anyway.
    The rest of us can just enjoy the overwhelming beauty of the flies of the Victorian era and the fantastic work done by Griffiths and Nolte. This is a book whose beauty will be appreciated by everybody, even non-fly-tyers." (Martin Joergensen, Global FlyFisher, click here to read the full review).

    "George Kelson was the most amazing character, a great horseman, shot, pigeon-racer and a well-known cricketer (he played with W.G. Grace in 1866, the year the Gentlemen beat the Players) and, almost as an afterthought, he wrote extensively on salmon fishing. Kelson’s brash style didn’t suit everyone, but his book The Salmon Fly, published in 1895, remains one of the most influential works on the subject, even a century after it rolled off the presses. Strangely, the book, despite its present fame, didn’t sell as well as you might imagine and Kelson was still sitting on an uncomfortably large pile of stock half a dozen years later, when he published a smaller volume, called Tips. Part of the reason why The Salmon Fly didn’t fly out of the door was that between 1886 and 1902, many of the patterns had appeared in a series of colourful cards slipped between the pages of Land & Water magazine. The market was saturated – but although Kelson probably didn’t make much money as he would have liked out of the venture, he needn’t have worried, because in the long run it didn’t stop The Salmon Fly becoming a classic.

    The problem for modern fly tiers is that the Land & Water cards have literally vanished off the face of the planet; The Salmon Fly is expensive, even as a reprint, largely because it is a great big shaggy dog of a book; and a first edition of the almost athletically slim Tips, which only has half a dozen “new” patterns in it, will set you back several hundred squids. Justin Knowles very farsightedly published Ron Coleby’s book The “Land and Water Salmon” Flies back in 1993, but this has become almost as much of a collector’s item as first editions of Kelson’s own books and it has never been reprinted.
    Which is where The Essential Kelson comes in. There are plenty of other lists of salmon flies – Dunne, Fitzgibbon, Francis, Hale, Hardy, Maxwell, Pryce-Tannatt – but Kelson illustrated more of the patterns than all of his rivals put together and has attracted a much-deserved fan club because of it. Here, for the first time, is Kelson without the boring bits, boiled down to the hard core of information that fly dressers need to tie the patterns he chose; illustrations of 78 flies tied by Marvin Nolte; and of a slew of period dressings, many of them from Peter Cresswell’s very fine collection; and that is not to mention scans of the many colour plates from The Salmon Fly and The “Land and Water Salmon” Flies. Counting the foreword by Paul Little, the index and the introduction by Terry Griffiths, the whole thing maxes out at just over 300 large format pages.

    If you are a salmon fly tier, then you want this (I didn’t say you need it, but you do want it). Just about the only criticism I could possibly make is that I wouldn’t personally have chosen pink to highlight Marvin Nolte’s very helpful comments on Kelson’s instructions.
    This really is going to be an extremely popular book and our thanks are due to the team that produced it. The 75 leather copies are unique as each one has a different salmon fly tied by Marvin Nolte bound in - if you want to tie Kelson, look no further." (Dr Andrew Herd,

    "This is an absolutely superb book. Belongs on the shelf of everyone who enjoys fly tying. I still love looking at my copy even after a couple of years ownership. The detail and workmanship in this book is fantastic. The illustrations are great." (Mr. Clive Edwards, Amazon review, 24th of November 2013).

  • BFFI 2014

    Salmon Flies: Past and Present
    by Henk Van Bork

    This weekend Paul, Luke and Marion are off to the BFFI in Stafford. The main event will be the launch of our new salmon fly book Salmon Flies: Past and Present by Henk van Bork. Henk will be with us all weekend so come along to get your copy signed and discuss the art of the salmon fly.

    Peter Hayes, author of Fly Fishing Outside the Box, was due to be with us too but after some recent surgery  his doctor has advised him not to travel so he will unfortunately not be able to attend. We will however have plenty of copies of his book and they will all be signed.

    Yet more signed books! Tony Hayter, author of the superb new biography of G.E.M. Skues, is also unfortunately unable to attend however we have got hold of a few signed copies of his book and will be bringing them along to the show. The author has signed very few of these so make sure to come along and secure your copy!

    Along with the signed books above we'll be bringing along a wide selection of all the latest flyfishing and fly-tying books plus plenty of out-of-print titles, a few of our fine de luxe editions and a huge number of reduced-price books. We hope to see you there!

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