A DREAM OF CARP: BOOK TWO: THE SOMERSET YEARS 2003 - 2009. By Mike  Starkey. Paperback issue.

A DREAM OF CARP: BOOK TWO: THE SOMERSET YEARS 2003 - 2009. By Mike Starkey. Paperback issue.

BIG WATER CARP. By Jim Gibbinson.

BIG WATER CARP. By Jim Gibbinson.

CARP FARMING. By V.K. Michaels.

1988 1st edition. 8vo paperback (147 x 210mm). Pp204 + 2 pp ads. B/w photographs, illustrations. Stiff card covers.

Highly sought-after by fish farmers and koi breeders and still most certainly one of the best books available on keeping and breeding carp. Also well worth a read by any carp fishery managers. "Centuries ago the carp became the most common table fish in Europe. Quality has been improved by selective breeding and its farming is more economical than that of salmonids. Wild fish are popular with anglers, while the koi carp are much-prized ornamental fish. The author's experience in carp farming began about 60 years ago. He started one of the first successful carp farms in the United Kingdom and was also one of the first to import koi direct from Japan. 'Bill' Michaels has recorded his cast practical experience in this very readable and delightfully illustrated book. It is a comprehensive guide to farming carp in temperate waters whether for food, sport or ornament." Chapters include: History of carp culture; Carp farming: present and future; General information; Plants in the carp pond; Carp and its food; Carp breeding; Induced breeding; Stocking the wintering pond; Semi-intensive carp farming; Intensive carp farming in warm water; Diseases and parasites; Predators; Other fish in the carp pond; Harvesting; Transporting carp; Table carp; Summary of the carp farmer's year; Carp farming in tropical areas; Koi; Comparisons between carp and koi; Ghost koi; How to start koi farming; Summary of the koi keeper's year; Carp as a sport fish.
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Author Michaels (V.K.).
Book Code 43949
ISBN 0852381530 / 0852381530.
Book Description Slight marks to edges, spine faded else very good clean copy.
Book Cover Paperback
Published Date 1988
Publisher Fishing News Books.
Place Farnham, Surrey.