FORTY-FIVE YEARS OF SPORT. By James Henry Corballis. Edited by Arthur T.  Fisher (Major late 21st Hussars).

FORTY-FIVE YEARS OF SPORT. By James Henry Corballis. Edited by Arthur T. Fisher (Major late 21st Hussars).

IN PURSUIT OF CONEY. By Brian Plummer.

IN PURSUIT OF CONEY. By Brian Plummer.

COURSING AND FALCONRY: The Badminton Library. By Harding Cox and Gerald Lascelles.

1892 1st edition. 8vo (135 x 194mm). Ppxiv,413,ads. Plates by G.E. Lodge and others, illustrations. Original brown pictorial cloth.

This is a combined volume consisting of two separate books: Coursing, by Harding Cox, and, Falconry, by the Hon. Gerald Lascelles. "A few hints only are necessary to explain the object which these volumes are put forth. There is no modern encyclopaedia to which the inexperienced man, who seeks guidance in the practice of the various British sports and Pastimes, can turn for information. ...The Badminton Library is offered to supply the want." The two books published here as a pair must still be amongst the least-thoroughly covered of the British Sports, and both retain their interest and utility. Chapters include - Coursing: The Waterloo Cup; A treatise on breeding; Practical greyhound breeding; Treatment of saplings; The greyhound in training; Enclosed coursing; Some celebrated greyhounds of the past; Opinions of noted coursers; Description and points of the greyhound; Some English coursing clubs, by Charles Richardson. Falconry: Introductory - the modern falconer, implements used, glossary of terms; The peregrine - eyasses, hacking - hawks, training - game hawking - records of sport - magpie hawking; The peregrine - passage hawks - advantages of - how caught - mode of training - heron hawking - rook hawking - gull hawking - passage hawks for game - lost hawks; Gerfalcon - kite hawking - hare hawking - merlins - how managed - lark hawking - the hobby - the sacre - the lanner - shahins - sport in India - other varieties of hawks used in falconry; The short-winged hawks - goshawks - how obtained - training - entering - rabbit hawking - various flights - the sparrow hawk - managment - blackbird hawking; Celebrated falconers - Scotch, Dutch, and English clubs - The Falconers' Club - Colonel Thornton - The Loo Club - The Old Hawking Club - Amateur falconers - famous hawks - records of sport; General management - mews - blocks - perches - bow-perch - bathing - condition - feeding - castings - imping - moulting - various diseases - general hints.
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Author Cox (Harding) and Lascelles (Gerald).
Book Code 5548
ISBN B0008556L0
Book Description Spine slightly faded, some foxing but a very good copy.
Book Cover Hardcover
Published Date 1892
Publisher Longmans, Green and Co.
Place London.