THE TEAL. By Matthieu Guillemain and Johan Elmberg.

THE TEAL. By Matthieu Guillemain and Johan Elmberg.

BIRDS AND FORESTRY. By Mark Avery and Roderick Leslie. Illustrated by  Philip Snow.

BIRDS AND FORESTRY. By Mark Avery and Roderick Leslie. Illustrated by Philip Snow.

WEATHER AND BIRD BEHAVIOUR. By Norman Elkins. Illustrated by Crispin Fisher. Third edition.

(1983) 2004 3rd edition. 8vo (162 x 240mm). Pp280. Colour photograph plates, b/w illustrations, tables and weather maps, bibliography. Grey boards, spine titled in gilt.

This book discusses "the effects of weather on bird life and the meterological aspects of the avian environment rather than long-term climatic influences, though the latter are not ignored". "Changes in weather can significantly influence the environmental conditions under which wild birds must survive. As endotherms, birds can in general cope well with limited changes to air temperature, but weather conditions also affect the availability of food and water, the chances of successful reproduction and the timing and course of migratory flights. The range of weather related adaptations and behavioural strategies employed by birds throughout every continent is quite breathtaking. This book looks in detail at the interaction of weather conditions and bird behaviour. The first chapter provides a clear yet detailed overview of fundamental concepts of meteorology, and subsequent chapters discuss bird behaviour in relation to weather conditions. Taking a wealth of examples from the Western Palearctic, Africa and North America, the author considers key components of avian behaviour in turn, from flight and foraging through to reproduction, roosting, heat regulation and migratory behaviour. This marvellously readable book, now in its third revised edition, is illustrated throughout with drawings, figures, and (for the first time) colour photographs. It is already a classic work, and, with a wealth of new material for this edition, it is a fully up-to-date and authoritative work on this most fascinating of subjects". "In this edition I have re-worked parts of some chapters and updated the whole text with more recent, published research and events. ...In response to reviews of the first edition, I have changed the citation convention used in previous editions. The References have been greatly expanded and citations now appear in the text. New colour plates are included in this edition and I thank the photographers who allowed me to use their images". (From the preface to the third edition). Chapters include: The weather; Flight; Feeding; Aerial feeding; Breeding; Comfort; Migration - inception and progress; Migration drift and displacement; Vagrancy; Migration of soaring birds; Extreme weather; Seabirds. "It is refreshing to come across a bird book whose subject cuts across all taxonomic and geographical barriers, and which is relevant to so many aspects of bird life. Every day's birdwatching can be enhanced by the knowledge to be gained from the book. This is not just a good bird book, but a good Poyser; a book for all weathers". (Mark Avery, Ibis). "In all an excellent book and the author is indeed to be congratulated on bringing together with such clarity the different inter-relationships between birds, weather and flying". (Gerald Donnelly, Irish Birds).
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Author Elkins (Norman).
Book Code 46514
ISBN 0713668253 / 0713668253
Book Description Fine new copy in dust-wrapper.
Book Cover Hardcover
Published Date 2004
Publisher T. and A.D. Poyser.
Place Calton, Staffordshire.