FISHING AND TRAVEL IN SPAIN: A GUIDE TO THE ANGLER. By Walter M. Gallichan  ('Geoffrey Mortimer').

FISHING AND TRAVEL IN SPAIN: A GUIDE TO THE ANGLER. By Walter M. Gallichan ('Geoffrey Mortimer').

AN OLDER FORM OF THE TREATYSE OF FYSSHYNGE WYTH AN ANGLE. Attributed to Dame Juliana Barnes. Preface by Thomas Satchell.

(1496) 1883 new edition. Large 8vo (180 x 222mm). Ppviii,37+10pp glossary + publisher's catalogue printed red and black. Quarter brown leather "Roxburgh binding," marbled end-papers.

An Older Form Of The Treatyse Of Fysshynge With An Angle. Attributed to Dame Juliana Barnes. Printed from a MS. in the possession of Alfred Denison, Esq. With Preface and Glossary by Thomas Satchell. 4 pp publisher's catalogue printed in black and red. Quarter leather (brown cloth with brown roan spine), spine titled in gilt ("Roxburgh binding"), marbled end-papers, hand-made paper, pages untrimmed". Foolscap quarto. 200 copies". "The only known manuscript of the 'Treatyse of Fysshyng,' now in the famous Denison collection, has been examined by Mr Satchell, who finds it to contain an independent text, of a date not later than 1450. It is drawn from the same original as that printed in 1496, but instead of the 'readings between it and the printed copy' being, as stated in the preface to Mr Pickering's reprint, 1827, 'very few and unimportant,' it varies the phrase throughout, and in many places alters the sense, besides containing many short passages not included in the printed version. Mr Satchell has prepared the text for publication, and as it is unfortunately imperfect, will apply the lacunae from the edition of 1496". (Review in the Athenaeum,quoted in a contemporary advertisement)". A few copies remain of the volumes described below; only 200 copies of each were printed, of which the greater part were burned in the fire at the Warehouse". (Contemporary Elkin Mathews advertisement). This is Satchell's transcript of the 1450 manuscript. (For a facsimile see McDonald's "Origins Of Angling").
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Author Berners (Dame Juliana) also known as Dame Juliana Barnes or Dame Juliana Bernes.
Book Code 7381
Book Description Spine slightly rubbed but a very good copy. 200 copies only.
Book Cover Hardcover
Published Date 1883
Publisher W. Satchell and Co.
Place London.