COD FISHING. By John Rawle.

COD FISHING. By John Rawle.

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Author Rawle (John).
Book Code 38155
ISBN 0947674187
Book Description A used but solidly intact second-hand paperback.

1987 1st edition. Paperback issue. 8vo paperback (146 x 209mm). Pp165. Colour and b/w photographs, illustrations.
Book Cover Paperback
Published Date 1987
Publisher Beekay Publishers.
Place Henlow Camp, Beds.
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John Rawle is a charter skipper operating out of Bradwell-on-Sea in Essex. With Bob Cox, he pioneered uptiding and boatcasting in the 1970s. This book covers beach and shore angling as well as uptiding and conventional boat-fishing. And I just checked - he is still at it today, having been a skipper for over forty years. This paperback edition carries only the original publication date of 1987.