DEER: A PERSONAL VIEW. By Ian Alcock. Illustrated by Diana E. Brown.

DEER: A PERSONAL VIEW. By Ian Alcock. Illustrated by Diana E. Brown.

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Author Alcock (Ian C.N.).
Book Code 43647
ISBN 1853105759
Book Description Minor faults, good-plus. Lacks dust-wrapper.

1996 1st edition. 8vo (156 x 225mm). Pp224. B/w illustrations by Diana E. Brown. Brown boards, spine titled in gilt.
Book Cover Hardcover
Published Date 1996
Publisher Swan Hill Press.
Place Shrewsbury, Shropshire.
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Thirty years of studying and observing red and roe deer in England and Scotland. A very readable and informative book with good line drawings by Diana E. Brown, the author's wife. The author and his wife "explain how they chose the house in which they now live with the intention of attracting wild deer into the grounds so that observation could be made from the windows of the house. This involved the skilful planting and arrangement of shrubs and trees which took some time to mature and serve their purpose - but now deer roam freely and as you can see by Diana's drawings, she has had many chances to sketch these timid animals throughout the year and to capture their many moods in all the seasons. A good deal of what has been written about deer in the past has been based on traditional ideas. In the case of roe dee, of which the British population has increased and spread considerably in the last two decades, study of the animals is difficult. Also in the past twenty years, financial implications of deer farming have encouraged much useful research into red deer. The author has had unique opportunities to observe both species at all times of day and throughout the year and as a result, this book contains much new information for those interested in deer." Chapters include:- The enchanted cottage; The greening beeches; The living is easy; Acorns and beechmast; Tracks in the snow; The far north; Curlews on the hill; Orchids and knapweed; The lazy days of summer; The fascination of antlers; The hills turn purple; Dark nights and white days.