FUNGI FORAYS. By Daniel Butler.

FUNGI FORAYS. By Daniel Butler.

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Author Butler (Daniel).
Book Code 38978
ISBN 9781847739384
Book Description Fine new copy.

2012 1st edition. Small 8vo paperback (129 x 180mm). Pp128. Colour photographs throughout, fold-out identification guide in pocket at rear.
Book Cover Paperback
Published Date 2012
Publisher New Holland.
Place London.
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A nice guide to edible mushroom identification arranged by habitat - broadleaved woodland, conifer woodland, pasture, golf courses, brownfield sites and city parks. Good colour photographs throughout and a short section at the end of the book on various methods of preserving mushrooms. "The temperate regions of Europe (including Britain) and North America have the perfect climate for some of the most delicious wild mushrooms in the world. They grow in our woods, pastures and hedges by the bucketful, and many of the most common species are supremely edible. Interest in wild mushrooms is increasing, fuelled by the gastronomic revolution of the past 30 years. What could be more natural, local or have fewer food miles than a home-gathered Chanterelle? The problem is that with so little indigenous fungal lore, most people have no idea where to start looking for edible mushrooms. This is where Fungi Forays comes into its own. Starting with key habitats such as woodlands and pastures, it shows would-be mushroom hunters the best places to find their quarry and how to pick out the key species, using a series of identification spreads. As additional bonuses, the book is wrapped in a durable plastic wallet, and includes a fold-out insert containing at-a-glance illustrations to help with quick identification in the field. Whether you are searching for Chanterelles, Porcini or even truffles, this book is an essential aid in the field for any fungal foray."