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Author Sanchez-Arino (Tony).
Book Code 45742
ISBN 9781571574060
Book Description New unread copy in dust-wrapper.

(2013) 2013 2nd edition. 8vo (160 x 235mm). Ppxxvi,197. Colour and b/w photographs, patterned end-papers. Maroon boards, spine titled in gilt. Foreword by Russell Wilken.
Book Cover Hardcover
Published Date 2013
Publisher Safari Press.
Place Long Beach, California.
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"Tony Sanchez is nearing his sixtieth year as a hunter in Africa, a record that is hard to equal. With such a great amount of time spent in pursuit of dangerous game comes a great deal of experience with calibres and rifles. Right from the outset - during his hunts in West Africa in the 1950s - he was interested in what type of gun and what kind of bullet he was shooting. That interest in firearms and ammunition has never dimmed. His fascination with this subject can be viewed as one of the great loves of his life - along with his love for his wife, Isabel, and his love of elephants. As might be expected from a man who likes the 'big' in big game, this book starts with the .375 and works its way up to the .700. All calibres in between are covered, which he breaks down into the calibres for bolt actions (a total of 16 calibres) and the rimmed cartridges for double rifles (a total of 14 calibres)... [Tony] likes doubles as much as bolt actions, and it is refreshing to see no bias in his approach to these completely different types of weapons. He tells us which bullets and which actions work and which ones do not. With an almost unbelievable amount of elephant, lion and buffalo kills to his name, he can justly be said to have more experience with 'the African calibres' on dangerous game than any other person alive. His book will be read by generations to come because his advice is timeless and because it is based on vast experience."