HOME GUN CARE & REPAIR. By Parker O. Ackley.

HOME GUN CARE & REPAIR. By Parker O. Ackley.

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Author Ackley (Parker O.).
Book Code 27182
Book Description Ex library (MoD, Whitehall), usual faults. Working copy in dust-wrapper.

1969 1st edition. Pp191. B/w photographs & line illustrations. Brown cloth.
Book Cover Hardcover
Published Date 1969
Publisher Stackpole Books.
Place Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.
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This is a detailed general manual on gun repairs, aimed at the amateur who has limitless access to civilian and military rifles and pistols. Includes shotguns. Parker Ackley's book dates from the post-war period when North America was awash with cheap Army surplus rifles, and therefore contains much useful information for those wishing to convert, particularly, the Lee Enfield for sporting purposes. Chapters include; for enjoyable gun fixing - some working space and tools; understanding rifles and how they work; tinkering with bolt or lever-actionrifles; pumpgun and semi-automatic rifle problems; simple shotgun repairs; handguns and their intricacies, simple repairs - Colt and S&W types; repairing other handguns; making good guns last a lifetime; removing barrel obstructions; about soldering; installing new sights and mounts; putting on recoil pads is easy; towards a better gun stock; converting military guns to sporting rifles.