MONSTER CARP. By Tim Paisley, Steve Briggs and Thomas Duncan-Dunlop.

MONSTER CARP. By Tim Paisley, Steve Briggs and Thomas Duncan-Dunlop.

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Author Paisley (Tim), Briggs (Steve) & Duncan-Dunlop (Thomas).
Book Code 47864
ISBN 9781871700893
Book Description Mint new copy in dust-wrapper.

2014 1st edition. 4to (180 x 255mm). Pp319 + 1pp ad. Colour photographs throughout, brief bibliography. Black boards, spine titled in silver-gilt.
Book Cover Hardcover
Published Date 2014
Publisher Angling Publications.
Place Sheffield, Yorkshire.
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"This astonishingly detailed and heavily researched book contains details of almost 700 x 70lb+ carp captures, including approaching 200 x 80lb+ carp. The main authors are big-carp anglers Thomas Duncan-Dunlop, Steve Briggs and Tim Paisley, but the support they have received from a number of others to make this a truly global appraisal of the big-carp scene has made Monster Carp a real treasure chest. In addition to the fascinating listings there are chapters with detailed coverage of the big-fish scene in the Benelux, Holland and Luxembourg (Alijn Danau); Germany, Austria and Hungary (Steve Briggs); Poland (Przemek Mroczek); Italy (Sandro di Cesare), Spain (Daniel Calleja), Croatia (Kris Kuri) and the UK (Chris Ball). These are augmented by chapters focusing on the monster carp waters Les Graviers, Cassien, Rainbow, Les Teillatts, Raduta and Euro Aqua, plus a detailed round-up of the big-fish public inland seas and private commercial venues of France by Simon Crow. On top of all that there are some fascinating insights into the big-fish results of Alijn Danau, Arjen Uitbeijerse, Martin Locke, Steve Broad, Thomas Duncan-Dunlop, Eric Smith, Steve Briggs, Andy Chambers and Bill Cottam. This is an inspirational book which is both a historical record and an insight into how some of the top men in the game achieve their remarkable results. The end result is quite an achievement." Chapters include: Cassien: Where it all started; The Raduta tragedy; 60lb carp of the UK; Tackling the inland seas my way; Inland seas: When it all comes right; The French inland seas; French big fish venues; Big fish Thursday: Private water approach; The birth of Les Graviers; Monsters of Les Graviers; Les Teillatts from the beginning; The Rainbow circle; The Rainbow monsters; Benelux, Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg; Austria, Germany and Hungary; The carp-fishing history of Poland; Italian big fish; Spain: The big fish waters; Monster carp of Croatia; My way with monsters; Eric's common; Big fish ways; Lockey's world record fish; Euro Aqua - the new era; Records and record breakers; Let's hear it for the girls; Monster carp... in closing; All reported captures summary; Monster carp profiles. Lots of European venues that no one else is going to tell you about. Well worth the outlay.


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