A HOLIDAY FISHERMAN. By Maurice Headlam, C.B., C.M.G.

A HOLIDAY FISHERMAN. By Maurice Headlam, C.B., C.M.G.

FOLK, FISH AND FUN. By Harold Balfour (Lord Balfour of Inchrye, P.C.,  M.C.). Foreword by Chapman Pincher.

FOLK, FISH AND FUN. By Harold Balfour (Lord Balfour of Inchrye, P.C., M.C.). Foreword by Chapman Pincher.


1963 1st edition. 8vo (142 x 229mm). Ppx,139. B/w photographs, illustrations. Green cloth, spine titled in gilt.

Mainly Scottish salmon fishing, but includes several chapters on loch and river trouting in Scotland. The author writes in his foreword "I have made no attempt at continuity in this book, which is a fisherman's pie, deriving from articles that I have written for various papers since the publication of my last books, Catching Salmon and Sea Trout and A Boy Goes Trouting. I have tried not to repeat information already given in these books, and each chapter is self-contained and deals only with its own subject." Contents include:- The scarcity of river flies handicaps Tweed fishers; Do drought and fertilisers spoil the Autumn fly-hatch; Fishing a loch with a new idea; How to fish with nymphs; More about nymphs; An artificial minnow for fourpence; Dry-fly on a trout loch; Dry-fly suggestion; Casting a fly; Clear-water worming; How choosy can a salmon be? Mackenzie catches something; Mackenzie on the Shiel River; Are they sportsmen, heroes, or just lunatics?; Mackenzie fishes the Till; Adventures on the Spey; Mackenzie fishes a reservoir; Tactics for early spring on the Tweed; Some hints when fishing for summer salmon; Orders to a salmon; When a salmon-fly is snagged; The speed of a salmon-fly; When salmon change their lies; Not so clever; Twenty questions; Weed in salmon rivers; New designs for a salmon-fly; New ways of presenting a salmon-fly and a bait; A wild salmon; Making the rod do more work; The earthy taste in trout; Fishing-waders; Salmon hang- or drift-nets in the sea; The snags in sharing a salmon-fishing; Changes in sixty years' fishing; Must our river fish suffer from grease spread by detergents?; About a fishing-rod; More about ions and salmon; Yes and no to Mr Richard Waddington; Salmon in the Tweed; Some riverside repairs; Gill-maggots, sea-lice and freshwater-lice.
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Author Balfour-Kinnear (George Purvis-Russell). (1888-1978).
Book Code 12437
Book Description Various minor faults, but a very good copy with slight wear to slightly shaken spine, lacks dust-wrapper.
Book Cover Hardcover
Published Date 1963
Publisher Thomas Nelson and Sons.
Place London.