Creel Magazine

Founded and originally edited by Bernard Venables, illustrated with colour photographs, mainly by Michael Prichard, and with illustrations by Venables and others, Creel was, and still is, the most highly respected angling journal. It attracted the best writers whose style and ethos are still admired today, including Clive Gammon, Reg Righyni, Anthony Pearson, Ian Niall, Denys Watkins-Pitchford ("BB"), Dick Walker, Fred Taylor, Fred Buller, Frank Guttfield; indeed almost all of the well-known angling authors of the 1960s. Venables is listed on the title-page as Editor until December 1964, then from February 1965 onwards John Nixon is given as Editor and Michael Prichard as Art Editor. (Prichard was mentioned as Photographer and Art Editor from the very first issue, but did not make it to the title-page until after Venables had left). A total of 47 issues were published between July 1963 and May 1967.