RABBITS & HARES. By Anne McBride. With illustrations by Guy Troughton.

RABBITS & HARES. By Anne McBride. With illustrations by Guy Troughton.

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Author McBride (Anne).
Book Code 47933
ISBN 1873580630
Book Description Slightly used but good, solidly intact second-hand paperback.

(1988) 2003 paperback edition. 8vo paperback (149 x 210mm). Pp127. B/w illustrations by Guy Troughton, brief bibliography.
Book Cover Paperback
Published Date 2003
Publisher Whittet Books.
Place Stowmarket, Suffolk.
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As usual with these Whittet monographs, this is a first-class introduction to the ecology and biology of rabbits and hares, written by an expert and edited and illustrated with skill and humour. Chapters include: Peter Rabbit, Bugs Bunny, whose name means what?; Rabbit families; Family trees, why use Latin?; Viva Hispania!; Rabbits down under; Where are they now?; Top hats and tails; Inside the beast; Foes afoot, natural predators; Myxomatosis; Plague and pestilence; Rabbit habits; Hare habbits; Wine and roses; The joys of motherhood; ancient or modern?; Babies grow up; How old is old?; Rabbits and the landscape; Hunters and conservation; Bye baby bunting; Rabbit control; Rabbit farming; Farmers and hare conservation; Rabbits in research; Rabbits as pets; Fancy that!; Lust and luck; Rabbits for children, bunnies for grown-ups; Further information.