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Author Taylor (Penny).
Book Code 25302
ISBN 9780956702906
Book Description Fine new copy in dust-wrapper.

2010 1st edition. 4to (188 x 254mm). Ppvi,226. Colour photographs by the author throughout. Green boards, spine titled in gilt.
Book Cover Hardcover
Published Date 2010
Publisher Skycat Publications.
Place Sudbury, Suffolk.
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Sports medicine and occupational health for the working longdog. Aimed at pure-bred hounds and lurchers alike, this is a useful, practical book which fills a void in the literature of the running dog. By virtue of their work, running dogs suffer from quite specific injuries and ailments. Veterinary works deal with dog health in general, whilst lurcher and sighthound books do not analyse working hounds' problems in such depth. Penny Taylor looks at what the hound in the field is up against and its physical effects. She suggests ways of avoiding harm in the first place and dealing with the problems which do inevitably arise. Chapters include; Exercise and conditioning; Muscles - function, strains, ruptures and treatment; Bones and joints; Feet - no foot, no dog; Skin; eyes, ears, noses and throats; Teeth; Nutrition; Bitches and their seasons; Parasites - internal and external; Stuff that can kill your dog; Housing; Mental health. A well thought-out book which will help even the experienced solve and avoid many problems: for the beginner, it shows exactly and systematically what you are exposing your dog to, in pictures as well as text - most of it things you would never dream of doing yourself. Most of the information in this book will also apply to working terriers. Many dramatic photographs. A really good book now available at a really good price.


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