SPORT ON THE PAMIRS AND TURKISTAN STEPPES. By Major C.S. Cumberland. With Frontispiece and Map.

SPORT ON THE PAMIRS AND TURKISTAN STEPPES. By Major C.S. Cumberland. With Frontispiece and Map.

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Author Cumberland (Major Charles Sperling).
Book Code 33985
Book Description Very good.

(1895) undated facsimile reprint. 8vo (145 x 212mm). Ppx,278,map,ii[ads],32[ads]. B/w photograph frontispiece, folding map by Captain Bower of the Indian Intelligence Department. Gilt ram (Ovis ammon) motif to maroon cloth.
Book Cover Hardcover
Published Date 1111
Publisher Publisher unknown.
Place NP.
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Originally published by William Blackwood and Sons, Edinburgh and London, 1895. "In the year 1889 I carried out a long-projected expedition from India via Kashmir, Chinese Turkistan, the Pamirs, and Asia Minor, and shortly after my return published a rather full journal in 'Land and Water'. At that time very little was known of these regions, and still less interest taken in them, ...Since then, however, the Russian claims and expeditions to our frontiers beyond Gilghit have brought these parts into notice, and other writers have awakened interest in them. As I have covered a greater extent of country than that described by some more recent ravellers, and, having frequently left the main caravan routes, have crossed passes and hunted over mountains which do not come in the way of an ordinary journey, I hope [that] my offering these pages somewhat late in the day will be excused. ...The mapping was done by my companion, Captain Bower of the Indian Intelligence Department, who has since distinguished himself further in that line." The area covered is bounded by Kashmir, North Eastern Afghanistan, Tajikistan and Xinjiang. Or, in Cumberland's terms, Afghan Turkistan, Russian Turkistan and Chinese Turkistan. Quite a bit of big game hunting, with lots of observations on the peoples and places and the political situation. Taken directly from Major Cumberland's journals. Lots of fascinating reading. Nb. This is an undated facsimile edition of good quality and is not print-on-demand.