URBAN CARPING. By Rob Maylin and friends. In the "OFF THE BEATEN TRACK" series.

URBAN CARPING. By Rob Maylin and friends. In the "OFF THE BEATEN TRACK" series.

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Author Maylin (Rob) and friends.
Book Code 46524
ISBN 9780993222849
Book Description Mint new copy in dust-wrapper.

2015 1st edition. 8vo (152 x 216mm). Pp248. Colour photographs. Green boards, spine titled in gilt.
Book Cover Hardcover
Published Date 2015
Publisher Bountyhunter Publications.
Place NP.
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"If someone had told me thirty years ago that one day the backdrop to some people's carp captures would feature office blocks, factories and high street retailers I would never have believed them. Surely carp angling is an escape to the countryside - to quiet meadows far away from civilisation? Yet today more and more urban carping exists. Park lakes, wharves, rivers and canal systems within the city itself have become home to some monster and scale-perfect carp. Carp will take advantage of their surroundings; it makes no difference to them if they are enclosed by willow and oak or skyscraping tower blocks - if the water can sustain life it will be occupied." Chapters include:- Urban carping - Urban wharfare by Andrew Bando Riste; Urban carping by Lewis Errington; Legends of the Sanatorium by Daddy Mac (aka Craig Jon McEvoy); Guesting - Off limits by Gareth Wooffindin; Private waters by Kurtis Burton; Secret lake by Mitch Godfrey; Park lakes - The lake with no carp by John Harrop-Turnball; The country park by Dave Robinson; My park journey by Josh Moran; Off the beaten track - The haunted mere by Jay Russell; The farm lake by Charlie Shipman; Into the unknown by Earl Knights; No names, no numbers by Dan Goult; Secret lake success by Ashley Irvine; The river fish by Chad Critchley; Untapped reservoirs - The hidden resi by Lee Brooks; Big resi result by Jake Loft; History untold - Gold in my hands by Chris Thripp; A slice of history by Dan Stacey; The urban canal - The Grand Union Canal by Andy Loble; The urban opportunist by Chris Smith; Canal carping by Rich Hogg.