WILLOW PITCH IV: IN SEARCH OF THE SERGEANT. Compiled by Wayne Cryer. Paperback reprint.

WILLOW PITCH IV: IN SEARCH OF THE SERGEANT. Compiled by Wayne Cryer. Paperback reprint.

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Author Cryer (Wayne). Compiler.
Book Code 49394
Book Description Fine new copy.

(2018) 2018 1st edition reprint. Large 8vo paperback (168 x 240mm). Pp310. Colour photographs throughout, colour and b/w illustrations by various artists, decorative end-papers.
Book Cover Paperback
Published Date 2018
Publisher The Little Egret Press / Water's Edge Publications.
Place (Nuneaton, Warwickshire).
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A new collection of perch fishing tales illustrated with colour photographs as well as colour and black and white illustrations by David Blackaller, David Cowdry, David Miller, Maurice Pledger, John Searl and Ian Webber. Chapters include:- The dragon of myth by Greg Freestone; Introduction by Wayne Cryer; My Upper Great Ouse Fours by James Aris; Big summer perch by Archie Braddock; A season full of dreams by Simon Brough; This perch fishing by Bob Buteux; It started with a perch, but where will it end? by Eddie Chambers; Unlocking the red-letter day by Rikki Cooper; It started with a bob by David Cowdry; Perched out - found out, and, Perils of a perchfisher by Mick Cutler; The sergeant pulls rank by Mark Erdwin; Dutch perch by James Gardner; Perching in the Lea Valley by Bob Hornegold; Catching perch on artificial baits and flies by Andy (Footy) Horwood; Perch are great fun with a fly rod, and, An amazing session float fishing with lobworms for perch by Martin James MBE; Misty morning perch by Dave Leach; The artist John Searl by Tony Meers; What a fish the perch is! by David Miller; An expensive perch by Robert W. "Bob" Milne; Going it alone by Adam Perna; The anciente arte of worm getting by Maurice Pledger; Locating fish holding areas in small rivers by Steve Richards; Closing the circle by Peter Rogers; In pursuit of the 'Dandy' by Steve Rogowski; The striped assassin by Jamie Stanley; Of Christmas' past - some Great Ouse festive memories by Mick Stevens; Five go mad for perch by Rob Stoker; On drop shotting for perch by Des Taylor; Spikes and stripes by Rob Thompson; The Ballast Pit (ingredients for perch) by Andrew Wilson.