Poles Apart - reviews

Poles Apart:
The History of the London Roach Pole
by Michael Nadell

Hardback in dust-wrapper. £35.00
Limited edition hardback in dust-wrapper, signed and numbered. £50.00
De luxe leather-bound edition limited to only 35 signed & numbered copies. £295.00

"Bought this for my husband's 65th Birthday. He finds the book very interesting & loves it, just reads the book over & over again." (Shirley James, Amazon review, 19th of May 2014).

"Take a history book based on a single item of fishing tackle, limited in geographical distribution, enjoyed its heyday in the 19th Century, that is no longer in production, written by a pastry chef and you might easily have a recipe for Eton Mess. However don’t be fooled into thinking one man’s obsession will be a dull read because this incredibly well-researched book is nothing of the sort. Beautifully illustrated and neatly designed it’s a fascinating read from start to finish. From answering the obvious question ‘what is a London roach pole’, Nadell expands into the makers’ art, the craftsmen who made them, accessories, baits, tactics, even the social influencing. He moves on to the masters of pole fishing, the great matches, how anglers travelled and the golden years of the River Lea. Here’s a book that truly justifies the large format." (Bob Roberts).

"Well researched, well written; this is a must for the keen roach angler's library. This is a book that I've read cover to cover yet you can dip in as the mood takes you. Whether is the story of the tackle, the men behind the famous firms, the methods or interesting stories, it's all here. I thoroughly recommend this book." ("Jack Sprat", Amazon review, 27th of February 2014).

"This is a great book not only on the history of the poles and the pole makers but also on the history of the fisher of that time, the tackle and bait they used and how they fished. A wonderfully written and presented book that anyone who is interested in the history of angling will appreciate, a creditable book to be sitting in your collection." (Mark Sarul, TraditionalFisherman.com).

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