Shore Fishing: A guide to Cardigan Bay - reviews

Shore Fishing
A guide to Cardigan Bay
Includes detailed fish ID guide
By John Mason

Mint new hardback. Signed by the author. £14.95

"We were pleasantly surprised when we read this book. We thought it would just be another guide written about a multitude of marks in a specific area with some generalisation on how to fish them and what to expect. We were wrong.

The book covers a whole lot more than just marks. Whilst the book is called Shore Fishing: A guide to Cardigan Bay – a lot of the topics discussed are relevant to all areas of the UK and anglers everywhere. It is an excellent guide to the tactics and fish species available in the area. It also covers other topics useful to the angler that other guidebooks struggle with, such as the geological history of the bay. Allowing the angler to fully understand the ground they are fishing and how it was formed.

The narrative as John moves from one end of the bay to the other is entertaining, fun and factual and is an inspiration to read for any budding angler looking to explore the Cardigan Bay coast. All in all a thoroughly enjoyable read that covers the tactics, fish and marks in Cardigan Bay beautifully." (, click here to read the full review).


"Lovely book. Hope it helps son to find the right places for the fish. so far not too much to eat.. :-) But seems to be very informative and precise, especially to the non angling Mum." (Julie Langford, Amazon review, 21st of December 2013).

"Fantastic detail. A very good read detailing the coastline and its history in one volume. A must for anyone new to this coastline." (Barry W. Cox, Amazon review, 15th of August 2013).

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