THE BOOK OF THE SHARK. By Dr Keith Bannister.

THE BOOK OF THE SHARK. By Dr Keith Bannister.

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Author Bannister (Keith).
Book Code 3465
ISBN 1853481513
Book Description Boards bumped and bowed. Good copy in used dust-wrapper.

(1989) 1992 new edition. 4to (223 x 286mm). Pp128. Colour photographs and illustrations throughout. Laminated boards.
Book Cover Hardcover
Published Date 1992
Publisher New Burlington Books.
Place London.
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"The Book of the Shark introduces the general reader to one of the oldest, most perfectly adapted - and most feared - life forms on earth. Within the eighty orders of sharks there is an amazing variety of species, from the massive Great White to the tiny Squaliolus. In 320 million years, evolution has modified shark morphology very little, except to improve the feeding and swimming mechanisms. Full-colour photographs of sharks in their natural habitats all over the world, together with specially commissioned illustrations of shark physiology, display the awful beauty and perfect design of the cartilaginous fish. A full listing of species within each of the orders - identifying distribution, markings, scientific and common names, size, feeding habits and reproduction - makes The Book of the Shark a unique and authoritative reference work; and description of the startling nature of shark sense mechanisms and anatomy, of shark attacks and of exploitation of sharks by Man, provides a comprehensive and fascinating insight into one of nature's most enduring and awe-inspiring off-spring."