TROUT FISHING FROM ALL ANGLES: A complete guide to modern methods. By Eric Taverner. The Lonsdale Library Volume II. By Eric Taverner.

TROUT FISHING FROM ALL ANGLES: A complete guide to modern methods. By Eric Taverner. The Lonsdale Library Volume II. By Eric Taverner.

TIPS. By the author of

TIPS. By the author of "The Salmon Fly," Geo. M. Kelson.

LEFTY KREH'S SOLVING FLY-CASTING PROBLEMS. By Lefty Kreh. Introduction by John Randolph. Foreword by Cathy and Barry Beck. Photo assistance: Chuck Edgehill and Larry Kreh.

(2000) 2007 2nd edition. Oblong 8vo paperback (228 x 148mm). Ppviii,90. B/w photographs throughout.

Good solid fly-casting instruction from most certainly one of the best casters and teachers anywhere in the world. "How to improve your distance and accuracy and make casts in any situation." "The fly-casting instruction in this book derives from almost a half century of fishing and teaching, and no matter where you are in your fly-fishing life, from struggling beginner to the person with two rods in every weight, this book can help you do better. Lefty begins with the fundamentals common to all good casts and then goes on to diagnose and demonstrate ways to eliminate a variety of casting problems, including how to tame tailing loops; cast in the wind; quickly and accurately change the direction of a cast; throw a backcast that stays clear of brush; quickly send wet flies and streamers deep with a tuck cast; skip a fly across the water to reach under low-hanging branches; make roll casts, effective mends and much more. No matter how good fly-fishing tackle becomes, how well you deal with the variables on the water will always be a big factor in your fishing success. For as long as you fly-fish, this book will hold the keys." Contents include: Lefty's principles of fly casting; Footwork is important; Inefficient roll cast; Efficient roll cast; Elevated roll cast; Long-distance roll cast; Side roll cast; Aerial roll cast; Learn to tighten your loop; When the wind is on your wrong side; Casting in tight places; Change-in-direction cast; The tuck cast; Stack cast; Dropping the rod for slack; Ripping line off the water; Throwing an extra-high backcast; Mending line properly; Reach cast; Controlling line on the shoot; Extra-effort cast; Using a mousetrap; Using a hula hoop; Skip cast; Tailing loops; Loose line at your feet; Catching the line to examine or replace the fly; Rod angle; Casting weighted flies and leaders; The dump roll cast; Casting into the wind. This reprint was first published under the title, Solving Fly Casting Problems. Apart from the pictures on the cover, and the titles, there is no difference between the two. We also have this version in our catalogue (our stock no. 4716).
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