MODERN SALMON FISHING. By Antony Bridges. With seventeen plates and thirty-four line illustrations.

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MODERN SALMON FISHING. By Antony Bridges. With seventeen plates and thirty-four line illustrations.

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Author Bridges (Antony).
Book Code 8559
ISBN 0713609079
Book Description Very good in used dust-wrapper.

(1939) 1969 2nd edition. 8vo (140 x 224mm). Ppxx,230. B/w photographs, line illustrations. Green boards, spine titled in silver.
Book Cover Hardcover
Published Date 1969
Publisher Adam & Charles Black.
Place London.
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Flyfishing (sunk fly and greased line, dapping and dry fly), spinning, prawning and worming for salmon. "An uncommonly good book on how to catch salmon. Mr. Bridges succeeds admirably in getting things into their right proportions and suggests, in effect, that an angler should not attempt to follow anyone, or for the matter of that any half-dozen schools, but rather to devise a momentary method of his own, culled from any method of fishing which he considers should be successful in the type of water and weather he happens to meet." (Salmon & Trout Magazine). "This is an extraordinarily complete and comprehensive work on the whole art and sport of fishing for salmon, and is one of the very few books which contain a whole chapter devoted to wading. This fact in itself will indicate the author is thorough, while his thoroughness is such that he deserves nothing but unstinted congratulations." (Game & Gun). "In this edition I have tried to take account of the new gear, mentioned in the Note to the third printing but not then included in the text. The Gut Table, which was scrapped from the Appendix in the third printing, has been reintroduced as it applies to monofilament nylon." (From the author's preface to the 1969 2nd edition). Chapters include:- Unto the hills; The salmon fisherman's dead reckoning; Fixed assets; The delicate art of wading; Sunk fly - gear; The mechanics of fly-casting; Sunk fly - orthodox and heterodox; From a view to a death; Packing and cooking salmon; Greased lines - ideas and outfit; Fishing the greased line; "Dapping"; Dry fly; Spinning gear; Spinning in heavy water; Spinning in low water; Roving a prawn; Worming; Salmon in lakes; Biography; How a river can be improved.