TYING EMERGERS. By Jim Schollmeyer & Ted Leeson.

TYING EMERGERS. By Jim Schollmeyer & Ted Leeson.

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Author Schollmeyer (Jim) & Leeson (Ted).
Book Code 40398
ISBN 9781571883063
Book Description Mint new copy.

(2004) 1st edition reprint. Large format paperback (217 x 278mm). Pp344. Thousands of colour photographs of flies and tying procedures throughout.
Book Cover Paperback
Published Date 2004
Publisher Frank Amato Publications.
Place Portland, Oregon.
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"Jim Schollmeyer and Ted Leeson (present us with) the first book devoted to tying flies that represent that elusive insect 'stage', the emergence. Emergence is actually a behaviour, and this puts the tier in the challenging and unusual position of not imitating a fixed and recognisable form of the insect, but rather tying a fly representing the process of emergence." On the contents page, Chapters 4 to 17 are listed by shape of fly rather than alphabetically, with a photograph of the artificial and a silhoutte of the natural next to each name. Chapters include: Emerger design and materials; Basic tying techniques; Trailing shucks and bubble sheaths; Bubble and brushed sheath emergers; Float pod and suspender emergers; Drawn wing case and shellback emergers; Tuft emergers; Parachute emergers; Parasol and umbrella emergers; Paraloop emergers; Collar hackle and herl collar emergers; Downwing emergers; Upwing emergers; Loopwing emergers; Sidewing emergers; Bullethead emergers; Clipped deer hair emergers; Index of pattern types; Index of pattern; Index of tyers/originators. A first-rate fly-tying book which is illustrated in extraordinary detail.